Tempesta-F Trigger Spray 30 Set duș cu 1 pulverizare, cu suport de perete

matte black

Get precision cleaning in stunning aesthetics with the matt black GROHE Tempesta-F Trigger Spray 30 shower set

Add ultimate hygiene and superior style to your bathroom by fitting the matt black GROHE Tempesta-F Trigger Spray 30 shower set. It comes with a Tempesta-F 30 trigger-control hand shower, a Silverflex Long-Life 1250mm TwistStop shower hose and a wall holder. The hand shower's spray offers accurate, powerful cleaning, with the trigger giving precise control. The spray plate is detachable for easy cleaning and its SpeedClean nozzles are designed to brush free of limescale with a simple wipe. An insulated Inner WaterGuide prevents the surface from getting too hot, protecting both your skin, and the matt black finish. A 5.7 l/min flow limiter guarantees a still powerful spray while saving water and money. The sturdy hose is built to revel in hard work and can withstand water pressure up to 5 bar, tension up to 50kg and heat up to 70°C. The smooth surface is easy to clean – one quick wipe with a dry cloth and it looks as good as new – and it won’t cause any damage if it comes into contact with the shower cubicle or bathtub. The AntiFold design ensures it won’t bend and end up with annoying kinks – plus the TwistStop function ensures that you don’t get in a tangle. And the durable and easy-care GROHE Long-Life finish keeps the hole set looking flawless for years to come. Please refer to local regulations regarding installation!

Caracteristici cheie

  • compus din:
  • pară de duş cu comandă de declanşare
  • suport de perete pentru duş
  • Silverflex Long-Life shower hose 1250 mm
  • GROHE Water Saving limitator de debit 5,7 l/min.
  • suprafaţă GROHE Long-Life
  • sistem anti-calcar SpeedClean
  • Inner WaterGuide pentru o durabilitate crescută în utilizare
  • funcţia TwistStop pentru prevenirea răsucirii furtunului
  • presiunea minimă recomandată 1.0 bar
  • Te rugăm să verifici legislația locală înainte de instalare.

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