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Rainshower Cosmopolitan

Rainshower Cosmopolitan

Pentru băi moderne

Băile moderne necesită produse care combină design-ul de ultimă oră cu caracteristici și tehnologii ultra-performante. Cu profilul geometric în trepte și cu finisajul cromat GROHE StarLight®, perele de duș și dușurile fixe Rainshower® Cosmopolitan sunt disponibile în mai multe mărimi, permițându-ți să îți creezi dușul perfect. Toate modelele au tehnologia GROHE DreamSpray® pentru o experiență de duș de neegalat și complementează perfect colecția de baterii GROHE Cosmopolitan

Dușuri fixe

Duș fix cu 4 pulverizări
Rainshower Cosmopolitan 160
Duș fix cu 4 pulverizări


Spray Patterns

Rain Spray

Rain Spray: Wide and luxurious – a soft, delicate pattern to soothe the skin. Mimicking warm summer rain, the spray provides a full and even coverage.

Jet Spray

Jet Spray: A focussed circular spray, which delivers a refreshing burst of water. Ideal for stimulating the skin or simply cleaning the bathtub or shower.

Pure Spray

Pure Spray: The name says it all. A soft stream of pure water delivered from the centre of the shower head – reminiscent of a fresh, mountain spring.

Champagne Spray

Champagne Spray: Enriched with air for bigger, softer water droplets. More air means that less water is required when using this fulfilling and gentle spray pattern.

Rainshower System Shower system for wall mounting

Rainshower Systems

Rainshower® systems unite the essential elements of a great shower, plus a host of other benefits to enhance your comfort and pleasure. All of our thermostatic systems feature GROHE thermostats – designed with the world’s most sensitive thermometer in mind: your skin. For the ultimate in indulgent showering, our top-of-the-range system is guaranteed to reconcile your body and soul with its adjustable body showers – so all family members can benefit from this new take on hydrotherapy.

Rainshower® Systems